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'RABOE (Request Anything Bid On Everything) is a mobile social networking app for anyone to connect with new and old friends around the world to post anything they like to sell, post services, jobs, and be able to bid on all, etc. Users are able to chat, share send money transactions and meet up to have tasks complete. Both the sender and receiver who are account holders can transfer funds to others through the mobile app. RABOE also uses geosocial networking that is designed to help people to see posts others in their area or around the world have sent. It runs on iOS and Android. RABOE comes in both free and subscription-based versions. Clicking on a pin location on the world when they zoom in it will display a profile for that user, as well as the option to bid on what the user posted, send money for a specific. Enable Phantom Mode to disappear from the world while that task is being completed.' Following these requirements, we were on our way to creating an exciting social media project but unfortunately, the client ran out of funds and we had to abandon the project.

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Vue Js